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Laserworld EL-100B blå Laser


Laserworld EL-100B, blå Laser 


Utgått. For ren blå laser har vi 

 Easy to use: Our Ecoline Series. With their ability to automatically run by music control, they are perfect lasers for beginners. Ecoline lasers can perfectly be used in pubs and small clubs. Compact sizes and very economic prices make them versatile lasers for mobile use or your private party. The units have enough output power to create stunning laser effects in small to medium-sized rooms. Add a small fog machine and you can achieve an amazing effect for little money. All lasers can run their patterns to the rhythm of the music – you do not have to worry about the control. The various patterns, such as waves or tunnels, look almost as professional as from high end projectors. Compact, small showlaser. Often used in bars, small clubs or at parties. Very affordable and very bright output. Sound-to-light capable!


Product Type: Laser
Total power: 100 mW
Color: Blue
Power red: -
Power green: -
Power blue: >70mW/405nm
Laser: Diode
Laser class: 3B
Control mode: Music
Scanner: High-speed stepper motors, 2-5kpps
Scan angle: +/-30° max
Beam: ca. 3mm/1,5mrad
Accessories: Power cable, manual
Power supply: 85V - 250V AC
Power consumption: 40W
Dimensions: 235/3145/70 mm (L/W/H)
Weight: 3,0kg