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LEE HT-foil 010 medium yellow 50x58cm

Art.nr: 9415010T
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Quality makes the difference!<br /><br />EUROLITE color foils are extremly heat-resistant and can therefore be used with high-performance halogene-spots. We offer a great variety of color foils and correction-filters. <br /><br />The standard dimension are 1.2 x 7 m (rolls), 50 x 60 cm pieces or precut for PAR 36, PAR 56 and PAR 64 spots.<br /><br />When ordering color foils, please state the color-no. and the article-no. in order to prevent misunderstandings and false deliveries.<br />

High-quality color foils

  • For adding color to a white beam
  • Attached in color-filter frames in front of halogene-spots
  • Great variety of colors
  • Dimensions 50 x 58 cm
  • Made in Europe

Shipping weight:0.03 kg