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OMNITRONIC LH-010 4-channel mixer passive

Art.nr: 10355010
Lagervare hos leverandør, 5 - 8 dager leveringstid


4-channel mini mixer, passive

  • Distributes the signal of 4 audio sources to 1 output or vice versa
  • 4 unbalanced jack inputs (for line or instrument signals) with separate level controls
  • 1 unbalanced jack output
  • No power supply via power unit or battery necessary

Input impedance:47 kohms
Output impedance:12 kohms
Gain:-13 dB
Frequency range:20-20000 Hz
S/N ratio:>100 dB
Dimensions:95 x 73 x 40 mm
Weight:300 g
Shipping weight:0.45 kg