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SMD FLASHING HEART MK144 Elektronikkbyggesett

Art.nr: VEL-MK144
Lagervare hos leverandør, 8 - 14 dager leveringstid


Velleman SMD FLASHING HEART MK144 Elektronikkbyggesett

What better way to show someone you love them, than to make a lovely flashing heart kit?

This solder kit includes a pretty red PCB with tiny smd components and a CR2032 battery holder. The PCB also has a little hole on top so you can hang the heart or wear it. The manual is included and also explains how to solder smd style.

Check out the full tutorial here!

Have a happy Valentine's day!



  • mini gadget
  • 6 LEDs flash alternately
  • can be operated pending (e.g. around the neck) or can be worn as a badge (pin supplied)
  • great attention grabber
  • ideal introduction to SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) technology
  • some extra parts are supplied, in case some get lost or damaged


  • hint

    use tweezers, a soldering iron with a fine tip (25W max.) and thin 0.6mm solder